Our Process

Our Process

Leveraging Our Expertise and Know-How as a Valuable Asset for Architects and Interior Designers


Plan Review

MillCase works to understand your needs from design to end product. We strive to ensure unparalleled quality, service and professionalism.

Beginning with the bid process, we review your plans to establish a clear take-off of those items that are included in our scope of work. This is a time of defining and interpretation of your details.


Bid Proposal

Upon review of the plans and specifications, we prepare a bid proposal for the scope of work being provided. Our proposal represents a complete cost with a defined scope of work that includes all materials, hardware, and labor to fabricate your request, less any exclusions as noted.

At this point, we submit our proposal to the customer for their review. Once you have agreed to the price and our performing the work, you are asked to sign our proposal as your intention for us to proceed.


Project Management

With the approval to proceed, MillCase begins to schedule your work to be completed in a timely manner. We assign a project manager to oversee the job from start to finish.

The project manager works to clarify the scope of work with shop drawings, control samples, and verification of material and color selections. After the shop drawings are submitted for review and redlined by the architect, we can begin to proceed on ordering materials and scheduling production of the work.

As the project gets underway, schedules are verified with the other trades and timelines are set for fabrications to begin and be completed. Field dimensions are taken in a timely manner to help verify the end product will fit as drawings and specifications have determined.



Once the materials are in the shop, skilled craftsmen begin to machine the different components with state-of-the-art equipment and then proceed with assembly, sanding and finishing of the end products.

The finished products are planned and built with the installation in mind. Pieces are constructed in components and best sizes to get into the building and space as intended.

Upon completion in the shop, work is prepared for storage until delivery to the jobsite. Pieces are secured, corners guarded, and finishes protected to insure the best end product.


Delivery and Installation

All work is packaged and loaded inside our trucks in a secure manner, firmly set for the transport, and protected from the weather. All precautions are taken to deliver the finished product in the best condition and safely to the job site.

The installation is a defining part of the equation and is critical to a successful job. Our installation crews are on-site ready to accept delivery and begin installation with drawings and instructions.

All work is put in plumb, level, and secure to the structure. With completion of the installation, all work areas are checked, inspected, and cleaned — ready for customer use.